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Da' Hip-Hop Wizzard of Oz," (D.H.H.W.O.O.) written by LaQuette Milner, is a modernized version of "The Wizard of Oz," and has been performed in front of live audiences since February 2008; in various cities across California. It’s a fun family event which incorporates the Hip-Hop culture with the appreciation of the other Performing Arts disciplines.

Play Synopsis: Dorothy is your average teenager, wanting to become a star. But, for some reason, she experiences great opposition from everyone around her. It is only when she gets swept away to this mystery Land of Oz where she's able to build the confidence she needs to follow her dreams. Dorothy and her friends (the Scarecrow, the Tinman, and the Lion) travel through the Land of Oz in hopes of gaining the things that they lack from the GREAT WIZZard of Oz. But the GREAT WIZZard of Oz will not grant any of their wishes unless Dorothy kills the Evil Wicked Witch of the Westside, Ms. Evilbean, and retrieve the Book of Dance. In figuring out what Dorothy is going to do, the audience is taken through a story of courage, trials, struggle, strife, jealously, enlightenment, and triumph-all told through dancing, acting, movement, and music.

“This is a great show!” exclaims Milner. “I would like to encourage everyone to come out to view this new twist on a classic story. The 'now' generation will definitely be able to relate to the storyline."
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