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"InARTSeration" is a dance program that will dedicate itself to using the creative art form of dance as a tool for social and cognitive transformation behind prison walls for the incarcerated individuals.

The "InARTSeration" project is an extension of LQ's Performing Arts Center, and will be dedicated to empowering and enriching the lives of the community through the Performing Arts.

One of InARTSeration's intended targeted audience would be any woman who is currently incarcerated in the County of Los Angeles jails. These women are someone's daughter, mother, grandmother, wife, sister, niece, and/or friend; they all should have the opportunity to input something positive into their lives on a daily basis so that they could create a better future for themselves, as well as their family.

InARTSeration would like to be in the position to offer its services to various outlets, as in juvenile halls, CDCR, other state prisons, probational programs, homeless shelters, and/or group homes.

Through InARTSeration, a person can connect to themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally; which can start the process of healing, accountability, stability, and preparedness for re-entry into society.
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